REAL News: Failed False Flag Attack Linked to #PizzaGate Uncovered

Intel Sector, December 5, 2016

It is hard to tell whether or not Edgar Maddison Welch, the alleged shooter at Comet Pizza Ping Pong, was aware of the new storm he would trigger on the internet when he walked into Comet Pizza, armed, on December 4, 2016.

First the police and media waited as long as possible to release a photo of Welch (an alleged Republican voter) in order to be identified by the public too.

Eventually that effort was interrupted when people started to send his Facebook photo over the internet, rendering the media’s efforts useless.

In “normal” cases the media immediately provides the alleged perpetrator’s face in print as they establish the narrative that was scripted in advance for them. In this case, they appeared to be reluctant.


Because it wasn’t sure yet how they were going to spin the narrative now that an obvious staged event had resulted in a practically non-event.

Here’s the blueprint of that attempted false flag event in Comet Pizza…

Welch, an out-of-job actor (IMDB), was originally recruited by the deep state to cause mayhem in the pizza shop by going on a shooting frenzy there.

Welch probably lost the pills they gave him and started to doubt his role in this setup and in stead of killing people inside the pizza place Welch decided to fire only one shot at the floor in the backside of Comet Pizza where diners were playing ping pong, near the alleged doorway to the mysterious Pizzagate basement, assuming he would at least get paid for his part if he did fire a shot.

Here’s where it gets all the more interesting.

Roughly 24 hours before Welch was expected to kill a dozen folks in Comet Pizza, as a patsy, deep state goons moved the traffic camera that was pointing at Comet Pizza, substantially limiting the view by having a pole blocking half the screen.

Who would have thought that a gunman would arrive 24 hours later to shoot up the place, right? Well, the people who pull the strings of the NSA, the FBI and the CIA would. They ordered the traffic cam to be “adjusted” slightly. Just for convenience sake.

Coming to the conclusion that no blood would be spilled that day by himself, Welch decided to peacefully walk outside the pizza joint and surrender to the authorities who would take care of him.

Since no one was shot dead, there would be no reason for the police to kill the suspect, because in order to provide thoughtful assistance to the court system patsies get frequently shot at the crime scene – rendering any court case futile.

Now Welch will be branded a lone Republican gunman who was fooled into pursuing a cause of his own based on outrageously fake news, being Pizzagate.

And so it becomes clear how much effect the earlier declarations of war by the EU parliament and the US House of Representatives will have already in the very near future.

A new textbook example has been crafted, with Welch being the lead actor, by the incrementalists, which will be the new blueprint for future false flag attacks or false flag attempts.

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