Absolutely Brilliant: Anti-PizzaGater Declares Major D.C. Gay Magazine “FAKE News”!

Basement or No Basement? That’s the Question

In response to the alleged arrest of “Edgar Maddison Welch”, the alleged shooter at Comet Pizza on December 4, 2016 someone posted a valid question on the now related Facebook event page “Stand with Comet”.

Basement or no basement? That’s the question… the Facebook user wrote in the post section of the event page, referring to contradicting media reports from Metro Weekly and the BBC in which James Alefantis was in one instance quoted as saying that they store the tomatoes for Comet Pizza pizza sauce in the basement, while in the BBC article about Pizzagate the Comet Pizza owner – Alefantis – was quoted as saying that they “don’t even have a basement.”

As the Facebook user simply tried to bring this newsworthy confusion to the attention of the organizer of the Stand with Comet event, Erick Sanchez, his inquiry was instantly responded to by one of the assumed Pizzagate gatekeepers, Justin Eller, writing that “there is no basement…period”.

Eller continued and wrote “No basement…fake news story”, referring to Metro Weekly’s 2015 article titled “James Alefantis: From Scratch“, in which Alefantis briefly spoke about the use of the restaurant’s basement.

Eventually, in an attempt to get to the bottom of this frustrating issue, the Facebook user was swiftly blocked and banned from the Facebook event page by the Pizzagate gatekeepers, after merely trying to post: “Which is fake news? Explain please, substantiate your claims please.”

Now for the record. Like the BBC, Metro Weekly is as mainstream as it possibly can get, there’s no sense in denying this. Hardly a place where “fake news” is expected to be found. Right? Well, obviously not, according to Justin Eller.

From Metro Weekly’s own website:

“Metro Weekly has served Washington, DC’s gay and lesbian community since May 1994, and is now the largest and longest-running LGBT publication and website in the region. The print edition is published every Thursday and copies can be picked up for free at hundreds of distribution points.

Metro Weekly is a glossy magazine read by more than 45,000 people in DC, Maryland & Virginia, and is nationally recognized for its lively feature stories, interviews, and news coverage. Readers also turn to our magazine for its reliable community event calendars, nightlife guides, and timely reviews that cover the District’s rich arts and entertainment scene.”

The question still remains of course. Is there a basement or not at Comet Pizza Ping Pong? If even the owner of the joint is clueless about it then who is to tell us the truth?

In any event, chances are that Metro Weekly is soon to be regarded by “experts” and the Pentagon as a Russian propaganda outlet, working on the behest of Putin as he strives to influence the US audience through information warfare using gay and lesbian mainstream magazines.stand-with-comet-pizza