Absolutely Brilliant: Anti-PizzaGater Declares Major D.C. Gay Magazine “FAKE News”!

Basement or No Basement? That’s the Question

In response to the alleged arrest of “Edgar Maddison Welch”, the alleged shooter at Comet Pizza on December 4, 2016 someone posted a valid question on the now related Facebook event page “Stand with Comet”.

Basement or no basement? That’s the question… the Facebook user wrote in the post section of the event page, referring to contradicting media reports from Metro Weekly and the BBC in which James Alefantis was in one instance quoted as saying that they store the tomatoes for Comet Pizza pizza sauce in the basement, while in the BBC article about Pizzagate the Comet Pizza owner – Alefantis – was quoted as saying that they “don’t even have a basement.”

As the Facebook user simply tried to bring this newsworthy confusion to the attention of the organizer of the Stand with Comet event, Erick Sanchez, his inquiry was instantly responded to by one of the assumed Pizzagate gatekeepers, Justin Eller, writing that “there is no basement…period”.

Eller continued and wrote “No basement…fake news story”, referring to Metro Weekly’s 2015 article titled “James Alefantis: From Scratch“, in which Alefantis briefly spoke about the use of the restaurant’s basement.

Eventually, in an attempt to get to the bottom of this frustrating issue, the Facebook user was swiftly blocked and banned from the Facebook event page by the Pizzagate gatekeepers, after merely trying to post: “Which is fake news? Explain please, substantiate your claims please.”

Now for the record. Like the BBC, Metro Weekly is as mainstream as it possibly can get, there’s no sense in denying this. Hardly a place where “fake news” is expected to be found. Right? Well, obviously not, according to Justin Eller.

From Metro Weekly’s own website:

“Metro Weekly has served Washington, DC’s gay and lesbian community since May 1994, and is now the largest and longest-running LGBT publication and website in the region. The print edition is published every Thursday and copies can be picked up for free at hundreds of distribution points.

Metro Weekly is a glossy magazine read by more than 45,000 people in DC, Maryland & Virginia, and is nationally recognized for its lively feature stories, interviews, and news coverage. Readers also turn to our magazine for its reliable community event calendars, nightlife guides, and timely reviews that cover the District’s rich arts and entertainment scene.”

The question still remains of course. Is there a basement or not at Comet Pizza Ping Pong? If even the owner of the joint is clueless about it then who is to tell us the truth?

In any event, chances are that Metro Weekly is soon to be regarded by “experts” and the Pentagon as a Russian propaganda outlet, working on the behest of Putin as he strives to influence the US audience through information warfare using gay and lesbian mainstream magazines.stand-with-comet-pizza



Exclusive – Twitter Psyop in Syria: The Classic Textbook Regime Change Campaign is Now EXPOSED! -Spread Far and Wide, Save Real Lives!


Yeah, one of the first things you do when you get bombed is posting a tweet for your Twitter friends.


For those who are unaware about this recent regime change psyop, meet the Twitter account of alleged 7-year old Bana Alabed (well, actually it’s her mother’s Twitter account, obviously).

What we are dealing with here is a classic Mossad/CIA textbook example of how to trigger an actual real-life regime change through a Twitter psychological operation, disinfo warfare.

First, think back… and visualize the 2009 weaponized Twitter campaign that was intended to topple the Iranian government during the elections of that same year. Read: “Arab Spring Exposed” and “Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran via Twitter #IranElection” Understand what I’m pointing out here with this new Twitter warfare campaign.

To get to the bottom of this we first need to look at what the global perception is on this “Alabed Bana” psyop, and I can tell you already… it doesn’t look pretty for the instigators in Langley, Tel Aviv and Arava. Which is why they have decided to shift to higher gears and go for a hot war.

How popular is the Alabed Bana campaign? Well, see for yourself:


Meaning, people are already on to the scam and alternative media have fortunately not yet dropped the ball on this one. Not yet, GREAT! A simple Google search proves this, typing in “alabedbana” will result in the key word suggestions as documented above. These suggestions are based on what is popular, the most searched for by people around the world and that’s how you can measure the global perception BEFORE they scrub their tracks off the internet.

Now that that has been established as a fact, lets move on and indeed document the psyop as it emerged and evolved into a dangerous and very lethal weaponized Twitter assault on Assad and Syria as a whole, which – if we don’t respond NOW – will result in a hot war far beyond what we have been witnessing so far in Syria.

Holocaust, holocaust“! “6 million“… hmmm… Where have we seen this before…


It is obvious that the Mossad internet agents are attempting to play and trick the public’s conscience with the worn out 6 million jews were slaughtered, that’s the only thing that tweet refers to and it makes no sense at all from the perspective of an alleged 7-year old girl that simply showcases her daily life(???). Only a Mossad shill would plant such a tweet on an alleged child’s Twitter timeline.

Where it becomes really clear what the psyop campaign is about is in tweets sent out by the account calling for Assad and Putin to be charged in court and to be toppled by their own citizens and “the people of world”.

For instance:






A successful Twitter assault always includes interactivity, it is not enough to have just the press talking about you, as did also happen in 2009. You have to involve real people who are totally unaware of the psyop. You must engage useful units (idiots). That’s exactly what this Twitter war campaign on Assad and Syria does. It not only tries to trick the hearts and minds of a very gullible audience it successfully triggers hashtag frenzies that are meant to inflate this whole psyop into real-life regime change by having the ordinary western(-ized) folks demand that their governments bomb the shit out of Syria and it’s government, the Assad regime. That is now happening.


And #stopaleppomassacre

People are responding to these calls and that’s how the incrementalist agent provocateurs can measure the success of the psyop so far. Due to a lack of time I haven’t been able to see how many bots are actually involved in this campaign as well but for sure many are already actively expanding the assault too.

Also included in every such Twitter war campaign is the whitewashing of crimes and patsies, such as the already exposed White Helmets.

None other than The Intercept (god, I hate that MSM rag outlet!!) was approached for this and as you can well expect, they bought into it. Gee, why am I not surprised? Oh wait, because Snowden was a psyop too.


But wait, there’s another way that you can determine for yourself whether or not this really is a mind game and a call for a no-fly zone over Syria (exactly same MO when Gadaffi was murdered by the NATO terror slave nations).

The extremely discredited Twitter account and tweets have against all odds been taken mainstream by complicit press outlets, like the Telegraph and so on. (As is the case for the fraudulent US-government-sponsored fake news list that lists 200 Russian propaganda sites… right… that was also catapulted into the mainstream newswires and people’s perception by the Washington Post.)

When you see the press spinning their own romance stories (literally fabricating narratives out of thin air) about the alleged insider, Bana Alabed’s mother, then you know you found a mother lode.


As shown, also the Intercept has already done its share to whitewash this Twitter psyop, making them fully complicit and co-conspirators in the coming real slaughtering of the Syrian population and the toppling of Assad. Same goes for BBC, ABC, CNN and so on and so on. Their FAKE news will be the pivotal trigger and I wouldn’t want to be working for any of these corporations right now because any serious employee would immediately resign after finding out about this report I published today.

SPECIAL ALERT: They Are NOW Setting Iran Up for a Coming False Flag Attack!

FAKE NEWS: “Iran Loses Nuclear Device”

This development comes within days after I warned that the alternative media is being groomed for a war with Iran. Turns out I was right…

Today we can witness how Zero Hedge, for instance, is trying to inflate a purely fantasized reality in which Iran allegedly lost a “nuclear device“. The “device” is never named by any of the sources linked to, nor does Zero Hedge provide any clues about what they actually write about (because they haven’t got the slightest idea!). It’s obviously pure hearsay at best and this shows that investigative journalism isn’t either one’s specialty (Zero Hedge, OilPrice, Asharq Al Awsat).

When we switch over to the Jerusalem Post (!!!) the story all of a sudden gets more interesting (or dangerous, or suspicious). It is there that the missing device magically becomes a dirty bomb, I kid you not. Check it for yourself!

Allegedly, according to the Jerusalem Post, Iridium-192 was stolen from a van in Iran transporting the material. The van was allegedly found but the contents are missing.

Now, if you understand anything about the Arab (gulf) states and Israel (who all HATE Iran) and know something about narrative spinning then all you can conclude from these fake news reports is that indeed they are trying to create a pretext for war, which will obviously be kicked off after a false flag in the very VERY near future – unless we can blow this scam story wide open and send them all home with their tails between their legs.

If we want to avoid a war or even a mere new false flag then all of us are going to have to assist Iran on this one. We have to refute and shred this fake news that is being peddled by the Arab and zionist  propaganda rags out there and we also have to fend off this attack that is coming from within the alternative media, i.e. by Mike Adams and Zero Hedge (as documented earlier).

This is not a game guys. You have to pay attention to this one, we can’t allow ourselves to drop the ball. Taking everything together, Trump, recounts, fake news ruses, Russian propaganda and the co-opting also through RT, it are all bad signs that spell WAR with IRAN.

Don’t allow the alt media to be further groomed because you will have blood on your hands too this time. Don’t grant them that pleasure.

When this FAKE news story about a “nuclear device” (read: zionist-fantasized dirty bomb) that went missing in Iran becomes full mainstream we are allowing them to build momentum for a hot war. Although that war is coming eventually, we have to avoid it as long as possible.

Expose this lie for what it is and flood the newswires and social networks with the shredding of this latest scam and real fake news.

There never was a missing nuclear device in Iran to begin with and only the zionist press, Jerusalem Post, has turned it into a possible dirty bomb story. That should already be enough to make most activists wary about the whole thing.

If we can destroy this fraud before it further infects society then they are going to have to invent a new ruse and that’s the fun part of it!