PropOrNot Ruse: Why You Should Forget About the $10,000 Bounty

Firstly, for those who missed it, a “bounty” of US$10,000 [in bitcoins(!?!)] has allegedly been earmarked by an “anonymous” citizen to reward those who can provide the names and addresses of at least 10 PropOrNot members.

Secondly, forget about cashing in that bounty!


Because there aren’t enough PropOrNot members to begin with. The whole thing is a ruse that is not to be taken serious in any way, doing so will only result in wasting your precious time. It’s beyond clear that the PropOrNot circus is more than likely a one-man show, likely a male atheist jew (yes THEY LIVE) Clinton fan living in the basement of his divorced lesbian mother who can’t get over the fact that his beloved Hillary wasn’t able to get herself an election fix.

In fact, for some unknown reason this person really makes me want to think about Joshua Goldberg the FAKE ISIS OP and REAL zionist internet troll who was exposed and arrested last year.

No one will be able to provide 10 names and addresses that can truly be vetted by the concerned generous citizen and its middleman, and Mike Adams is very well aware of this. This stunt is nothing more than a marketing campaign that will nonetheless deliver the envisaged extra website traffic. (And it won’t matter to me to what lengths they will go to keep this charade going for as long as possible.)

Thirdly, the alleged need of the 30-some PropOrNot team members to remain anonymous is beyond stupid and gives the whole ruse away!

If we were actually dealing with real professionals with “experience in computer science, statistics, public policy and national security affairs” then for sure they would want to make themselves known to the world because any such professionals would immediately see the flaw in their whole undertaking – if they stayed anonymous.

I mean seriously, why on Earth would you want to remain unnamed for something silly as this? What more than some rightful bitch slapping and public ridicule should be feared for? Lethal retaliations from the Russian government? A hitman? An anthrax-ed envelope? A Drone strike? Come on now, who can take this stuff serious? Why would the Russian government even consider to respond to this third-grader behavior that doesn’t even come close of being a potential threat to their nation or their REAL trolls out there?

Lastly, literally anyone can register anywhere on the internet using 530-B Harkle Road, Suite 100 Santa Fe, NM 87505 as a postal address. Many already did so, long before PropOrNot geek came along, literally sending alt media hotshots on a wild goose chase. This guy is laughing his ass off right now and I would too if I were him because it’s a joke and most have fallen for it. Talking about being susceptible.

Tip: Bury this whole PropOrNot thing as soon as possible because the only thing that can come from this if we don’t is more intrusive behavior from all Six Intel Eyes, I wouldn’t be surprised that that is the actual purpose of this anyway. A false hero for the useful units out there.


Is the Fake News War Actually a Psyop? I Believe it IS!

Look, it’s actually quite simple to understand especially when you’ve seen this corporate RT show.

When RT, of all mainstream media groups out there, slickly but falsely tries to befriend alternative media by posing as such  themselves then it should not be difficult for anyone to understand that the alt media is simply being mocked.

Lets be very clear here. RT (Russia Today) is NOT alternative media in any way – AT ALL – on the contrary. They are well-funded government propagandists and continuously peddle the false war on terror BS that is being scripted and spread by the US and Israeli governments. If I were Patrick Henningsen (21st Century Wire) I wouldn’t want to be seen kissing ass at RT because clearly they are not a friendly party in this issue. They simply use, or abuse, and seek to harvest useful units (idiots) and apparently they are succeeding very easily.

Come on guys! Is it really that hard to see through this game of deception? I would have expected a lot more critical thinking from activists, truthers and independent journalism. Especially after all we have been through. After all those backstabbings and false flags. I’m actually quite shocked that most of the alt media are feeding this ruse instead of shredding it at the source.

Opposing US and western government propaganda doesn’t mean that you all of sudden simply give lip service to the Russian government. If you do you are obviously being duped without realizing it. I honestly thought this would be easily understood by the sleuths out there.

Fake News War?

What has actually changed? Nothing.

Before the “fake news” ruse the alternative media was referred to as (dangerous) conspiracy theorists, tinfoil hatters, lizard spinners, flat earthers and what not. Now the alt media is simply referred to as fake news.

Kind of like that first there were the Arabs, then the Mujahideen, then Al Qaeda and now ISIS.

It’s very easy to understand this because it so desperately transparent. Renaming the same enemy over and over again is purely a marketing strategy and has nothing to do with the actual people or in this case content.

So what? There is this Russian propaganda list. And then what? What about it? That list means nothing it is as useless as the list that includes all 200 mainstream media channels and outlets out there that have provided their platform for and to this crap.

Exclusive: Infowars and Prison Planet EXPOSED While Backstabbing Alt Media and 9/11 Movement

“9/11 Mastermind: Al Qaeda Favors ‘Immigration’ To Defeat USA”


Out of no where – well not really, given the fake ISIS video threat and fake ISIS terror camp in Mexico – both Infowars and Prison Planet decided that the time is right to fuck their combined audiences in the ass once more.

Both sites have once and for all exposed themselves as the pure co-opting venues that they are, who are largely responsible for the deliberate derailing of the liberty movement that has been missing for quite some years now.

infowars-911It is these cowards and backstabbers, who have been preaching about how they allegedly are the founders of the 9/11 truth movement and how Jones predicted 9/11 (much later than Bill Cooper!!), that are now slickly skull fucking their patriotic readers into eternal damnation.

There’s no way that either Infowars and Alex Jones or Prison Planet and PJ Watson can twist their incrementalist asses out of this. No matter what the excuse will be on why or how the article was republished on their sites, it’s game over. This is it!


infowars-911-4I’ll tell you even more…. If these websites remain the alleged tips of the spear in alt media after this information has been sent out to all alternative media outlets and activists then indeed I was right all along that the alt media and activist movement have practically entirely been co-opted. Say thanks to Jones, Watson and Breitbart on your way out, please.

Don’t forget Drudge, that other “leader of truth“.


To think that these shills are now pontificating about how the press should be honorable and truthful and loyal to its readers and viewers. This makes me wanna puke on their nasty asses. Fucking trash hyenas.

I told you they are grooming the alt media people for civil war and deception that is off the charts but no, Trump Trump Trump Trump.

Up yours info punks, you’ve been exposed!

No Sense Media Launches “Unfollow” Campaign

It is being attempted to launch an online protest campaign focusing on unfollowing the mainstream media on social networks.

THAT makes no sense at all. I mean seriously, if the establishment press is so evil and are such filthy liars why on Earth would one follow any of these media outlets on Facebook and Twitter to begin with? The very purpose of the like and follow buttons and features is to indicate that you actually like or are a fan of a channel or page.

For all those activists and truthers out there who have been following and liking the hundreds of incrementalist media outlets, I hope you see the irony here. The double standards that you constantly use for yourself and your audiences.

Here’s a Perfect Piece of Evidence for What I Wrote Yesterday About the Co-Opting of the Alt Media

Update 1: Just making sure that Michael Krieger is getting my message:

Sent as a comment to Krieger’s below linked article.

* * *

“What’s the Truth About Steve Bannon?”Link

By co-opting popular internet venues you can easily funnel almost the entire audience into any direction you want and see fit, as you want to further your own agenda.

You create distraction, confusion and chaos. You send people on wild goose chases and with doing so you prevent them from ever finding out the truth or the real agenda. You use them to let the confusion and chaos expand exponentially to a level that will never allow anymore for the regrouping of opponents, which is what activists are deemed to be.

This happened, for instance, about two days ago to Michael Krieger (AND I’M ROYALLY GIVING HIM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT HERE) when he decided to “investigate” Steve Bannon. He just couldn’t believe that Bannon really is an anti-semite and so he wrote his article in which he explains what people should really think about Bannon.

Krieger: “As such, I think the verdict is clear. Steve Bannon is not anti-Semetic.”

Well well, look there. We have a real Sherlock popping up out of nowhere, just like that.

Clearly Krieger was not yet aware a few days ago that there is a major war being waged in alt media land that has only one purpose, one goal. The co-opting of the entire activist movement or the missing liberty movement if you will.

So, in a way, it is understandable that Krieger projects his doubts and confusion onto his audience. But by doing so he is (unknowingly?) being used as that useful unit (idiot), unfortunately for him. With his article he actually advances the co-opting agenda and the longer and the more we see limited hangout works like this the remaining group of activists that stand on the side of truth becomes smaller and smaller.

It’s like a black hole basically, absorbing one unit after another. Don’t be a unit Krieger! Don’t let them own you.

I hope you are a sincere activist and journalist who truly wants the truth to be victorious. You can still turn your very understandable mistake around, and along with the rest of us, learn from the mistakes made.