November 2016


BUSTED: NGOs and Ships Caught Trafficking People Off the Coast of Libya

REAL News: Failed False Flag Attack Linked to #PizzaGate Uncovered

Absolutely Brilliant: Anti-PizzaGater Declares Major D.C. Gay Magazine “FAKE News”!

PropOrNot Ruse: Why You Should Forget About the $10,000 Bounty

Litmus Test Time! Trump Publicly Tramples Freedom of Speech. Which Alt Media Outlets Dare to Address and Condemn it?

Exclusive – Twitter Psyop in Syria: The Classic Textbook Regime Change Campaign is Now EXPOSED! -Spread Far and Wide, Save Real Lives!

Rigged US Elections: Here’s What You Likely Won’t See in the Alternative Media

SPECIAL ALERT: They Are NOW Setting Iran Up for a Coming False Flag Attack!

Is the Fake News War Actually a Psyop? I Believe it IS!

Fake News War?

“Trump is a Lapdog for Israel” (by shogun_starship)

Ex-Mossad Chief Admits Israel in Alliance With Al-Qaeda (by Non-Aligned Media)

Exclusive: Infowars and Prison Planet EXPOSED While Backstabbing Alt Media and 9/11 Movement

No Sense Media Launches “Unfollow” Campaign

Selective Trutherism: US Election WAS Stolen, Alt Media Buries Facts

RedditGate: “Reddit Admins Have Begun to Actively Change the Content of User Comments”

Prime Example of Sheldon Adelson’s Co-Opting Strategies in the USA

CNN’s “if jews are people” Slur Was NOT an Accident

The Brexit Mind Game in Layman’s Terms

“Alternative” Media Being Groomed for Iran War?

Trump’s “Victory”: Zionism Welcomes Growing Social Unrest

Trump’s Victory & the Weaponized Social Media Campaigns: RIP Critical Thinking in Alt Media & Activism

THIS is the REAL Reason Why We Haven’t Sent Humans to Mars Yet – TMB

George Soros was “Taken Out”: The Co-Opting is Literally in Overdrive

US Government (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty): “Russian Government Spokeswoman Suggests Trump Won Thanks To ‘The Jews’”

Here’s a Perfect Piece of Evidence for What I Wrote Yesterday About the Co-Opting of the Alt Media

ALERT: Masses of Alternative Media Activists Have Successfully Been Co-Opted, Here’s the PROOF

The Other Kind of Marginalization in a Cashless Society

Remember Fukushima 2011?

US Civil War Will Spark Next World War