Exclusive – Twitter Psyop in Syria: The Classic Textbook Regime Change Campaign is Now EXPOSED! -Spread Far and Wide, Save Real Lives!


Yeah, one of the first things you do when you get bombed is posting a tweet for your Twitter friends.


For those who are unaware about this recent regime change psyop, meet the Twitter account of alleged 7-year old Bana Alabed (well, actually it’s her mother’s Twitter account, obviously).

What we are dealing with here is a classic Mossad/CIA textbook example of how to trigger an actual real-life regime change through a Twitter psychological operation, disinfo warfare.

First, think back… and visualize the 2009 weaponized Twitter campaign that was intended to topple the Iranian government during the elections of that same year. Read: “Arab Spring Exposed” and “Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran via Twitter #IranElection” Understand what I’m pointing out here with this new Twitter warfare campaign.

To get to the bottom of this we first need to look at what the global perception is on this “Alabed Bana” psyop, and I can tell you already… it doesn’t look pretty for the instigators in Langley, Tel Aviv and Arava. Which is why they have decided to shift to higher gears and go for a hot war.

How popular is the Alabed Bana campaign? Well, see for yourself:


Meaning, people are already on to the scam and alternative media have fortunately not yet dropped the ball on this one. Not yet, GREAT! A simple Google search proves this, typing in “alabedbana” will result in the key word suggestions as documented above. These suggestions are based on what is popular, the most searched for by people around the world and that’s how you can measure the global perception BEFORE they scrub their tracks off the internet.

Now that that has been established as a fact, lets move on and indeed document the psyop as it emerged and evolved into a dangerous and very lethal weaponized Twitter assault on Assad and Syria as a whole, which – if we don’t respond NOW – will result in a hot war far beyond what we have been witnessing so far in Syria.

Holocaust, holocaust“! “6 million“… hmmm… Where have we seen this before…


It is obvious that the Mossad internet agents are attempting to play and trick the public’s conscience with the worn out 6 million jews were slaughtered, that’s the only thing that tweet refers to and it makes no sense at all from the perspective of an alleged 7-year old girl that simply showcases her daily life(???). Only a Mossad shill would plant such a tweet on an alleged child’s Twitter timeline.

Where it becomes really clear what the psyop campaign is about is in tweets sent out by the account calling for Assad and Putin to be charged in court and to be toppled by their own citizens and “the people of world”.

For instance:






A successful Twitter assault always includes interactivity, it is not enough to have just the press talking about you, as did also happen in 2009. You have to involve real people who are totally unaware of the psyop. You must engage useful units (idiots). That’s exactly what this Twitter war campaign on Assad and Syria does. It not only tries to trick the hearts and minds of a very gullible audience it successfully triggers hashtag frenzies that are meant to inflate this whole psyop into real-life regime change by having the ordinary western(-ized) folks demand that their governments bomb the shit out of Syria and it’s government, the Assad regime. That is now happening.


And #stopaleppomassacre

People are responding to these calls and that’s how the incrementalist agent provocateurs can measure the success of the psyop so far. Due to a lack of time I haven’t been able to see how many bots are actually involved in this campaign as well but for sure many are already actively expanding the assault too.

Also included in every such Twitter war campaign is the whitewashing of crimes and patsies, such as the already exposed White Helmets.

None other than The Intercept (god, I hate that MSM rag outlet!!) was approached for this and as you can well expect, they bought into it. Gee, why am I not surprised? Oh wait, because Snowden was a psyop too.


But wait, there’s another way that you can determine for yourself whether or not this really is a mind game and a call for a no-fly zone over Syria (exactly same MO when Gadaffi was murdered by the NATO terror slave nations).

The extremely discredited Twitter account and tweets have against all odds been taken mainstream by complicit press outlets, like the Telegraph and so on. (As is the case for the fraudulent US-government-sponsored fake news list that lists 200 Russian propaganda sites… right… that was also catapulted into the mainstream newswires and people’s perception by the Washington Post.)

When you see the press spinning their own romance stories (literally fabricating narratives out of thin air) about the alleged insider, Bana Alabed’s mother, then you know you found a mother lode.


As shown, also the Intercept has already done its share to whitewash this Twitter psyop, making them fully complicit and co-conspirators in the coming real slaughtering of the Syrian population and the toppling of Assad. Same goes for BBC, ABC, CNN and so on and so on. Their FAKE news will be the pivotal trigger and I wouldn’t want to be working for any of these corporations right now because any serious employee would immediately resign after finding out about this report I published today.


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