Rigged US Elections: Here’s What You Likely Won’t See in the Alternative Media

“Hey, where’d my vote go? Electronic Voting Machines and Democracy.”

Link: youtube.com/watch?v=PK1HuSJNNX8

Fact: The 2016 US elections were rigged and so were the debates.

For starters, lets look back at some random “live polls”, pre-election, and compare those with the crafted and twisted reality that both mainstream and alternative media are responsible for.

You’ll likely easier understand why Jill Stein’s party went for a recount in several states and why the Clinton triad was so fast to hijack the crowdfunding of it.


Link: https://www.votocrat.com/3859


Link: http://www.uspoliticslive.com/2016/08/15/live-poll-who-are-you-voting-for/

The fact of the matter is that both parties, democrats and republicans, have openly conspired to keep the 2016 elections a pure two-party “choice” for the people of the USA and that by itself is proof enough that the entire freak show was staged from beginning to end.

There’s no way that so many people were willing to vote Clinton into office after all the crimes that had been exposed even by the regular mainstream press, which is why Stein had actually reached the needed 15% to be included in the debates. That percentage was simply flipped to Clinton and all pre-election research proved that beyond all doubts.

Aside from that, Stein’s party did in fact also reach the 5% threshold needed that would secure federal funding for the 2020 elections and would in such case bring down the two-party system. Nor the Trump or Clinton triads are willing to consider this major shift in US politics so a rigged election and rigged debates were the only options that were left if one of the parties wanted to deliver a victorious candidate –  as long as it was either a democrat or republican it mattered not who would win since both parties are OWNED by the same incrementalist sectarian outfit.

You see, this 2016 election was not about Trump or Clinton per se, it was about the survival of the two-party political system in the United States of America and that is what no one is talking about in any media stream.

You won’t see them daring to approach this now. Once Trump has failed the people (AND HE WILL), like any other president, then folks will start to rethink the elections themselves but by then it will be far too late.

“Let’s just look at this debate and this example, this is a rigged debate.” Jill Stein, commenting on the final debate of the 2016 presidential election


2 thoughts on “Rigged US Elections: Here’s What You Likely Won’t See in the Alternative Media

  1. j stein is a jew. they only care about jew world order. jews use orwell speak. world peace = soviet styled tyranny, in a two tiered system: jew on top @ and the other 99% underneath. stein and sanders, 2 jews, totally sold out their blind followers and showed they were NOT third party anything, but uniparty creeps serving the same master. Trump, despite his unfortunate zio connections, nonetheless really was the independent third party candidate, hijacking the republican party. stein is a POS pizza eater.

    • Nonetheless, the elections were rigged. Regardless of who anyone voted for and it’s odd to see that the alt media is largely silent on this. It’s just as creepy as the reality that you’ve described.

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