“Trump is a Lapdog for Israel”

shogun_starship wrote:

Trump was rightly viewed as the lesser evil candidate since he supports detente with Russia. However attacking Iran may also lead to WWIII. Obama made one positive accomplishment during his Presidency: he prevented the neocon faction from attacking Iran. Trump is now surrounding himself with hardcore neocons, Zionists, and Israel-firsters. He intends to use American blood and treasure to eliminate Israel’s last regional rival.

There were early warning signs. Most of them were dismissed since people assumed Trump was just kissing Israeli ass to get elected. Unfortunately the opposite appears to be true: Trump will rule on behalf of Israel, not the United States.

Netanyahu considers Trump a “friend.” During his craven speech to AIPAC, Trump said he would “dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran” and “enforce the terms of the previous deal to hold Iran totally accountable.”

Trump’s Jewish son in law Jared Kushner is described as his “closest advisor” and “de facto capaign manager.” Kushner drafted Trump’s speech for AIPAC.

“How Jared Kushner Won Trump the White House”


“I helped facilitate a lot of relationships that wouldn’t have happened otherwise,” Kushner says

Presumably he was talking about the people listed here.

Trump’s campaign put out a press release saying the candidate told the prime minister that, if elected, he would “recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel.”

That position would reverse years of US policy, which refuses to recognize Israel’s de facto annexation of East Jerusalem and regards the city’s status as an unresolved matter that should be determined through negotiations between the parties.


Fear and trepidation are slowly building up, as US President-elect, Donald Trump, is fortifying his transitional team with people capable of bringing about a nightmare scenario, not only for Americans but for the rest of the world, as well.

For Palestinians, however, the signs are even more ominous. From former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, to Republican leader Newt Gingrich, the Trump team is filling up with dishonorable men who have made careers out of pandering to Israeli interests and unabashedly discounting Palestinian rights.

Considering earlier statements made by Trump himself last May – that the expansion of illegal Jewish settlements in the Occupied West Bank “should keep moving forward” – to more recent comments by Trump’s point person in Israel, Jason Greenblatt, that the illegal colonies are “not an obstacle to peace”, it is fairly certain that the Trump administration is decidedly anti-peace and anti-Palestinians.

Israeli officials are, of course, rejoicing at the opportunity of working with such an administration, with Education Minister Naftali Bennet celebrating the “end of a Palestinian state” era and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman inviting Trump to “coordinate the development” of the illegal settlements.


He just picked a hardcore Zionist shill for UN envoy. She even opposes free speech for Americans on the issue of Israel:

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen South Carolina’s pro-Israel governor Nikki Haley as US ambassador to the United Nations.

Last year, Haley brought in state-wide legislation that targets those supporting a boycott of Israel. Although the law does not mention Israel by name, it does state that public bodies “may not enter into a contract with a business… unless the contract includes a representation that the business is not currently engaged in, and an agreement that the business will not engage in, the boycott of a person or an entity based in or doing business with a jurisdiction with whom South Carolina can enjoy open trade.”

Haley has also accused President Barack Obama of not sufficiently supporting Israel. Speaking after his final State of the Union address in January, the governor said that if the Republicans were in power, they “would make international agreements that were celebrated in Israel and protested in Iran, not the other way around.’


Trump’s national security advisor, James Woolsey, is effectively an agent of the Rothschild family and Israel. He even signed PNAC:

But in early September 2016, in a move that should have received far more attention than it did, Trump appointed former CIA director James Woolsey as his senior advisor on national security issues. Woolsey – a key member of the neoconservative Project for a New American Century (PNAC) – had been a strong advocate for invading Iraq in 2003 and for waging war throughout the Middle East.

In its commentary about Trump’s appointment of Woolsey, The Intercept noted, “Woolsey’s selection either clashes with Trump’s noninterventionist rhetoric – or represents a pivot towards a more muscular, neoconservative approach to resolving international conflicts.” [1]


Woolsey is so pro-Israel/anti-American that he wants Israeli spy Jonathard Pollard released:

Last week it was reported that former CIA Director James Woolsey, forced to resign during the Clinton administration for his bungling of the Aldrich Ames affair, was going around telling people that the reason Jonathan Pollard, the notorious Israeli spy, was still in prison after 29 years is because the U.S. government is anti-Semitic. In short, Pollard remains in prison because he’s a Jew.


Trump has chosen a radical Zionist pro torture advocate named Mike Pompeo for CIA director. Pompeo also wants more unconstitutional surveillance, not less.

Pompeo, as noted by The Nation, “is a foreign policy hawk who has fiercely opposed the Iran nuclear deal, stoked fears of Muslims in the US and abroad, opposed closing the Guantánamo Bay detention camp and defended the National Security Agency’s unconstitutional surveillance programs as ‘good and important work.’”

Pompeo’s website features just two paragraphs on foreign policy. Notably, almost one whole paragraph of that is devoted to his strong support for Israel:

“America must … continue to stand alongside our allies around the world – such as our democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel. The US-Israeli alliance serves as a cornerstone of international and regional security. As a vibrant and dynamic democracy, Israel is a model of progress in the Middle East, and the United States must continue to support the State of Israel.”


Trump’s “favorite general”, Michael Flynn, is a neocon nutcase who wants to attack Iran.

Flynn has shaped some of Trump’s views, including disdain for the recent nuclear agreement with Iran and calls for a far more aggressive strategy to confront Islamic extremism at home and abroad — a “”grave danger” he says “threatens our way of life.”


Flynn co-authored a book with notorious neocon and fascist Michael Ledeen.

Michael Ledeen has been described by the Jerusalem Post as “Washington’s neoconservative guru”. He was part of the neocon cabal that manufactured the defective intelligence in the lead up to the war against Iraq, and has since been active in making the case for the bombing of Iran.

Ledeen was was a founder and former member of the Board of Advisors of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. He resigned his position following the sacking of its executive director and pro-Israeli Hawk Shoshana Bryen in 2012 [2]


The great irony is that Trump was elected with an “America first” slogan. Sorry centipedes but you got played. You will soon have an Israeli agent in the White House.


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