Selective Trutherism: US Election WAS Stolen, Alt Media Buries Facts

Alternative media outlets, in general, refuse to hype up the facts. Selective trutherism is what that is called. It has happened before and it will again in the future.

When Rolling Stone published an article allegedly exposing the “rigged” system the alt media was all over it, hundreds and thousands of backlinks followed. Proud as they were that finally a mainstream outlet had the guts to write the truth.

That was all swiftly forgotten when Rolling Stone published a Geg Palast report on vote purges through the Crosscheck Program. Even though countless twooters are big fans of Palast.

Whether or not the Rolling Stone report is conclusive is yet to be seen but as a crucial piece of the puzzle it deserves to be looked into and to be followed up.

No not this time, Trump has won and that means that even the Twitter bots are allowed to help twist the minds of the dupes. Had Clinton won the alt media would have dedicated her entire first year of presidency to exposing the Twitter bots and what not.

But not this time. The massive co-opting that has been developing just can’t spoil the party, for now. It will of course when indeed Trump turns out to be an utter disappointment and returns to be merely one of them incrementalists.

And then Jill Stein came along, to recount the votes.

OH NO. MY GOD! Our glorious victory, so honestly won… boohhooohooo… under attack…. my precious


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