Exclusive: Infowars and Prison Planet EXPOSED While Backstabbing Alt Media and 9/11 Movement

“9/11 Mastermind: Al Qaeda Favors ‘Immigration’ To Defeat USA”


Out of no where – well not really, given the fake ISIS video threat and fake ISIS terror camp in Mexico – both Infowars and Prison Planet decided that the time is right to fuck their combined audiences in the ass once more.

Both sites have once and for all exposed themselves as the pure co-opting venues that they are, who are largely responsible for the deliberate derailing of the liberty movement that has been missing for quite some years now.

infowars-911It is these cowards and backstabbers, who have been preaching about how they allegedly are the founders of the 9/11 truth movement and how Jones predicted 9/11 (much later than Bill Cooper!!), that are now slickly skull fucking their patriotic readers into eternal damnation.

There’s no way that either Infowars and Alex Jones or Prison Planet and PJ Watson can twist their incrementalist asses out of this. No matter what the excuse will be on why or how the article was republished on their sites, it’s game over. This is it!


infowars-911-4I’ll tell you even more…. If these websites remain the alleged tips of the spear in alt media after this information has been sent out to all alternative media outlets and activists then indeed I was right all along that the alt media and activist movement have practically entirely been co-opted. Say thanks to Jones, Watson and Breitbart on your way out, please.

Don’t forget Drudge, that other “leader of truth“.


To think that these shills are now pontificating about how the press should be honorable and truthful and loyal to its readers and viewers. This makes me wanna puke on their nasty asses. Fucking trash hyenas.

I told you they are grooming the alt media people for civil war and deception that is off the charts but no, Trump Trump Trump Trump.

Up yours info punks, you’ve been exposed!


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