The Brexit Mind Game in Layman’s Terms

They are toying with the British people. First they have given them a platform to vent their anger and frustration about the EU and the dictatorial regime that owns it.

Now they are already returning to the stance that the UK actually wants to stay in the EU single market. Like that makes any sense at all. You can’t stay in the single market and exit the European Union at the same time. It’s either all or nothing.

What this shows is simple. They have neutralized the public opposition to the dictates of the EU by allowing a Brexit vote. Now no one can ever ask for that again because the result was that a small majority wants to leave the EU entirely.

Apparently, they now just ignore that result and simply continue what the plan was all along, the expansion of the EU and the creation of a European army. That will also completely absorb the intel agencies and networks of ALL member states, including the UK.

You really thought that the Sixth Eye would let the five eye intel network crumble down into a state where people have the authority again over their own lives? Think again.

Like I said, they are toying with the people their minds. The only way any EU member state will be able to leave the EU is through a violent revolt, anything else is a waste of efforts and resources.


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