CNN’s “if jews are people” Slur Was NOT an Accident


As the days go by, more and more signs, clues and pieces of evidence will emerge that further reinforce the claims I previously made about how the people (international audience) are deliberately being polarized.

This latest CNN stunt is yet another manifestation of what I directed your attention to yesterday (Trump’s “Victory”: Zionism Welcomes Growing Social Unrest).

It is through also cheap shots like CNN’s that indeed the civilian factions are being further exploited by constantly increasing the tensions between them. CNN knew exactly what it was doing when they ordered the crew to put that on screen and it was not just to make that guy look bad, the intended aggravation feeds into all sides that have been opposed to each other by the news script writers and the politicians. This is exactly how zionists can thrive (and they admit that!), through people who let them fool time and again.


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