Trump’s “Victory”: Zionism Welcomes Growing Social Unrest

The following is an excerpt from a recent Ynet article, although it is marked an opinion piece it is far more than that. It’s largely an admission to the fact that the zionist movement in the US and around the world is a dark cult that seeks the perversion of outside communities in order to reinforce the dominance of the zionist power structure worldwide but centralized in Israel.

“A world view which supports white supremacy matches our government’s [Israel’s] interests. If Trump’s people are more disgusted by Arabs than they are by Jews (the liberals, the Wall Street people, journalists from the East Coast, lovers of black people, Hillary Clinton’s friends), we have struck quite a good deal. Trump and his friends see Israel as a forefront against the barbarians, and they are not exactly very observant. … we have a secret hope in our hearts that a moderate anti-Semitic wave, along with a deterioration in the economic situation in their countries of residence, will make Diaspora Jews realize that they belong with us. … It was not the Jewish immigrants’ welfare that we saw before our eyes, but the state’s reinforcement. While the act of blocking and directing the Jews to Israel is ethically dubious, it was justified by the Zionist ideology which asserts that a normalization of the Jewish situation—in other words, concentrating the Jewish people in its own territory—is the only thing that will save us from another Holocaust and, according to some people, will even speed up the Messiah’s arrival. … it would be good to have some anti-Semitism in America. Not serious anti-Semitism, not pogroms, not persecutions that will empty America from its Jews, as we need them there, but just a taste of this pungent stuff, so that we can restore our faith in Zionism.” – Yaron London – Ynet

The article also pretty much reinforces the claims that the US elections and the Trump protests and paid provocateur campaigns are to a great extent the result of zionist input and manipulation. The co-opting of the alternative media certainly serves as a prime example of this, more so when we see how the Breitbart episode to this basically is the real-world manifestation of the Israeli “government’s interest.”

Remember that in 2014 the Israeli government publicly announced its support for and cooperation with the branded neo-nazi faction in Ukraine Right Sector.

“The government of Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu is backing the fascist-led putsch that ousted Ukraine’s elected pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych.” – WSWS

“Despite using some nationalist symbols and gestures, some which the media uses to smear  Golden Dawn, why is it that the Zionists have such a different attitude in the two cases? Obviously it’s not a question of “Human rights”. The real reasons for this differentiation is to serve the geopolitical interests of the EU, USA and Israel to isolate Russia. Golden Dawn has revealed the implicit role Greek government collaborators have played in Zionist-controlled America’s expansionism, and has demonstrated with extensive scientific and academic literature the net damage suffered by Greek interests thanks to this subservience. The “Right Sector” on the other hand, took up an armed struggle in favor of American and Zionist interests, whether this was knowingly or unknowingly, it doesn’t matter. … For those still convinced that the Right Sector is a legitimate nationalist movement, here is the official announcement from the Israeli embassy in Kiev regarding the collaboration” – xaameriki

As I have repeated time and again, all of this is in line with also the co-opting of the alt media during the recent years and more intensely in the past months. You don’t even have to be a critical thinker to see the parallels and the writing on the wall.

If the US protest situation is not being controlled immediately by the people themselves then the incrementalist super cartel will do it for them. Don’t come complaining and crying afterwards saying we didn’t know. I, for one, told you long enough in advance.


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