“Alternative” Media Being Groomed for Iran War?

From what it looks like today and knowing the direction we are heading with the alternative media in general it is advised that people are extremely wary for what will likely soon become a full propaganda campaign in the alternative media against the Iranian government, highly likely to be kick-started by Trump of course.

Days after the dubious victory of Trump, the website network of Mike Adams (Natural News, Newstarget,…) initiated a first soft march on Iran, blaming the nation for violating and cheating the nuclear deal it had earlier reached with the world’s super powers and Sixth Eye Israel, as it quoted a Reuters report on Iran’s heavy water production. As if that means anything substantial and to be really afraid of, as if anyone is actually endangered by that by Iran.

It is said that Iran had exceeded this production slightly, twice, since the nuclear deal was implemented in 2015. Only the zionist controlled press seems to be of the opinion that the world should be afraid now that Iran will further violate the accord and effectively produce nuclear bombs (we have heard that fear mongering ever since Israel was created by the UK), all the while the US and Israel basically have the largest nuclear stockpile in the world that they constantly use in hundreds of blackmail cases to keep slave nations docile.

(It is reported now that Iran is selling its surplus.)

I don’t like this development one bit, at all. It is a warning to all of us that the alternative media audience is more than likely being groomed for a series of attacks on Iran, be it first with a Twitter campaign to help destabilize Iran’s regime (like in 2009) or even through new sabotaging operations on Iran’s installations through the use of Stuxnet 4.0.

The fact that an outlet of alt media guru Mike Adams is being used for this is all the more alarming. Everyone knows how easily this grooming can and will spread to Infowars, Breitbart and the rest of the co-opted alternative media out there.

Be wary, don’t let them own you because Trump and his outfit are already calling for regime change in Iran. Hhmm, where and when have we heard that before?


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