Trump’s Victory & the Weaponized Social Media Campaigns: RIP Critical Thinking in Alt Media & Activism

Once I was inspired and even educated by alternative media outlets, personalities and activism as a whole but it all slowly faded away, not because of the lack of interest but because it became clear that the capabilities of the once admired venues and persons were actually limited and that many of them are even shallow at best.

Still, it surprises me and luckily several other activists how easily duped the truther movement has become.

For instance. Apparently it doesn’t occur to a large number of activists out there that the whole internet and Twitter mayhem relating to Trump’s victory may have involved setups, staged popularity, weaponized social media campaigns and slick black propaganda tactics. The same would have been the case had Clinton won. Worry not.

Lets take a look at the following as we once again dare to think critically, as we should as the opposition of oppression. Not? Instead of being willing to die for a seat on the Trump bandwagon.

  • “50-55 percent of Clinton’s Twitter traffic — followers, like and retweets — is artificial, a typical proportion for a public figure, compared to a whopping 80 percent for Trump” – Politico

Let us assume the fairer percentage is the closest to the truth. This would still mean that Trump’s followers are half artificial – bots and ghost accounts. Today that would be roughly 7.5 million accounts. I know this will upset many Trump liberty warriors who pontificated just 19 months ago about self-determination and self-governance, “we don’t need a crook in office they’re all the same.” So, let us also consider the other numbers that are being thrown into the game of which one is 3%. Three percent of 15 million Trump followers on Twitter still accounts for 450,000 potentially fake accounts. In my opinion still a very substantial number that we can’t just sweep under the rug. No critical thinker and true activist would do so, ever.

450,000 potential compromised accounts still pose a serious threat to those who desire truthful elections, honesty above all. Now it is going to be very hard for anyone to convince me that 450,000 accounts can’t possibly influence Twitter sentiment. I mean seriously, if Clinton had won the alt media would be all over her with accusations of manipulating the media and Twitter, and you would have been right of course because that also did happen on her side during this election madness.

  • Politico: “Whoever controls the Trump bots, the uses of such networks are many. They seek to shape the information environment that voters encounter by harassing critics into silence, spreading misinformation, energizing supporters by making them feel like part of a thriving movement, making the expression of fringe views appear socially acceptable, and shutting down conversation around certain keywords by flooding that conversation with disturbing or useless information.”

Before I continue, please at all times, you can exchange the name “Trump” for “Clinton” in the above quote for it would have been just as true had she won. You have to understand, I didn’t support any of the candidates because as a hardcore activist I simply can’t legitimize a politician. A lion does not cuddle with a zebra.

When we think back and bring the arab spring into our minds again we will remember, if we want to, that it all started with a similar Twitter campaign for Iran when it was wildly and wrongfully assumed that the elections were fixed, fake. That that situation really occurred, no real truther can deny without losing face.

A lot has been learned from those past campaigns and that is why it is very fair to assume that we have witnessed a highly weaponized US presidential election campaign on Twitter. The numbers don’t lie, even the lowest of the lowest percentages are still very scary numbers when you look at how many Twitter accounts that actually represents. And it is Donald Trump himself who has more than once acknowledged that indeed Twitter was THE battle arena. Aside from this it is also assumed that 60% of American adults get their news from a social media platform.

  • “Through 3 am ET when Trump claimed victory, more than 75 million election-related tweets coursed through Twitter, smashing the record set on Election Day in 2012 of more than 31 million tweets total.” – USA Today

But not everything is seemingly secret or confusing, if you don’t like mainstream numbers being shoved in your face. The Dail Stormer for instance has made it no secret at all that they have been creating sock puppets on Twitter, more than a 1000 by now if their report is to be taken serious. Also Daily Stormers have successfully been co-opted into supporting the Trump machine. As I have explained before [1, 2].

All of this begs the question? Where did the rumored fake news come from in this election cycle? Why do we dismiss that it could have come from those who have been manipulating the social media sentiments? On either side. I don’t see any of this being seriously discussed by alt media personalities and websites. I, for one, find that very suspicious and it is exactly therefore that I am very worried about the critical thinking capacities of the alternative media. Blaming the mainstream press for fabricating news but you yourselves have been duped like never before. The irony of it all. It’s actually funny when you think about it.

Now, as to this alleged coming purge of the alt media. Don’t worry. All your favorite websites will still be here for many years, as long as they pay their hosting and domain subscriptions. Why on earth would an establishment purge your alt media when it has so easily been co-opted in recent months and days? You don’t simply throw that away, it are assets by now! Spoils of war if you will! Readily available for a next incrementalist information campaign during which many more useful units (idiots) will be harvested. Bank on it!


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