THIS is the REAL Reason Why We Haven’t Sent Humans to Mars Yet – TMB

Whether you believe or not that humans have actually landed on the moon is here, today, irrelevant. What is factual about the notion of going to the moon, though, is that it has inspired scientists, inventors, companies and common people all around the world to create and innovate. To work together for a much bigger cause than one’s own future. Ever since mankind was of the impression that we had to go, and had been, to the moon, that we had put people on the moon, people had been fascinated and intensely motivated to work side by side towards BIG accomplishments. It literally sparked a stream of creative problem solving solutions unlike we had ever witnessed before. The scientific and technological advances and advantages of today still largely stem from that very moon experience and epic chapter in mankind’s history – across nation borders.

The very notion of men on the moon had created such an enormous momentum that more and more folks around the world were catching up to the mindset of mankind’s unlimited capabilities. The dreams were big. We were going to go Mars in a matter of a decade and much further in the decades thereafter. Nothing was going to stop us. The world and the universe were ours!

But then something changed, something became slowly but surely noticeable to observers that was basically deconstructing that epic momentum. The big dreams of before were fading away, the motivation was watering down into political fragmentation. The partitioning of the driving force behind all this had reached a crucial stage, unity and self-determination had been undermined by design.

All of this, in reality, had its origin in the assassination of JFK, because it was he who had encouraged his fellow country men to believe in the dream of going to the moon. Of putting each and everyone’s weight behind that huge effort, and people did. Politicians did. Budgets were secured and in less than a decade since JFK’s 1962 speech to go to the moon people all around the world were suddenly captivated by the news that the US had put the Apollo 11 crew on the moon.

But then the momentum lost traction and swiftly resulted in a fossilized space program at NASA. Up until this very day. And there is a very obvious reason for this. This has been brought upon us by design.

The fact of the matter is that the incrementalists their super cartel has been undermining modern society to such an extent that basically all hopes and real dreams have been sabotaged and taken away from the people around the western(-ized) world and for them, the incrementalists, it is of the highest importance that this status remains unchanged and unchallenged.

They don’t want mankind to be motivated and united anymore in big dreams and fascinating creations. It poses a serious threat to those who want to keep the earthly units docile.

People are no longer allowed by their (blackmailed) governments to pursue self-determination and true freedom. Instead useful units (idiots) are cultivated and harvested.

People are no longer educated to contribute to the world in a constructive way that must benefit the entire human race. Instead, people have become human resources that need only to expand and strengthen the corporate control matrix.

The masses are no longer inspired to think big for their countries and cities. Instead everyone is artificially being made afraid for muslim terrorists.

And so, people haven’t officially been to Mars yet, even though we could have several times already and a human colony on Mars should have already been a part of modern society. Children should already have seen their school books being reprinted to see that new epic chapter in mankind’s history reflected.

But we haven’t seen this. We have failed ourselves and we are failing our future generations at an ever increasing pace. The incrementalists are mocking us and we let them. We accept all their BS, unchallenged and unpunished.

We let them get away with destroying our very DNA and genes. We have become accustomed to the brain damages brought upon us through corporate and sectarian oppression.

We as a people have failed to uphold our dignity and self-respect. We have allowed to be ruled by fear and fantasized realities.

“THEY LIVE” and we are dying. That is why we haven’t sent humans to Mars yet.

(Editor’s note: Sure, secret space programs that would reflect an actual human visit to Mars may surely exist but for now we have no such confirmations.)


2 thoughts on “THIS is the REAL Reason Why We Haven’t Sent Humans to Mars Yet – TMB

  1. Perhaps to be done by the same people who are doing ‘humans on Antarctica’, except on steroids. Let’s try humans on Earth until we get that one down.

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