US Government (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty): “Russian Government Spokeswoman Suggests Trump Won Thanks To ‘The Jews'”

Before we continue with the actual content of the above linked article folks have to understand what Radio Free Europe (Radio Liberty) is, it’s one of the many foreign-oriented propaganda arms of the government of the United States of America. It is literally used to skull fuck foreign audiences into supporting the US government’s own agendas, public and hidden.

What this propaganda piece its sole intention is is to further polarize the public, and it succeeds at that very well. It is a well-planned chess move. the full media spectrum is running with it like crazy, each news site (alternative and mainstream) trying to break it down accordingly – to their own audience.

What most of them out there have not paid attention to is:

  1. The source: the US government’s propaganda apparatus (Who is pushing this? Who is compromised? Exactly…)
  2. The perfect timing: simultaneously with the co-opting of the alternative media, as described here and here

So, it doesn’t matter whether or not Maria Zakharova, a Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman, is right when she said that jews helped Trump win the elections. That’s not the reason why the US government decided to push this story more than others.

It simply has to polarize the opposing sides of the people and it has to sabotage the processes of people coming together in real united revolts against the incrementalists and their super cartel.


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