Here’s a Perfect Piece of Evidence for What I Wrote Yesterday About the Co-Opting of the Alt Media

Update 1: Just making sure that Michael Krieger is getting my message:

Sent as a comment to Krieger’s below linked article.

* * *

“What’s the Truth About Steve Bannon?”Link

By co-opting popular internet venues you can easily funnel almost the entire audience into any direction you want and see fit, as you want to further your own agenda.

You create distraction, confusion and chaos. You send people on wild goose chases and with doing so you prevent them from ever finding out the truth or the real agenda. You use them to let the confusion and chaos expand exponentially to a level that will never allow anymore for the regrouping of opponents, which is what activists are deemed to be.

This happened, for instance, about two days ago to Michael Krieger (AND I’M ROYALLY GIVING HIM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT HERE) when he decided to “investigate” Steve Bannon. He just couldn’t believe that Bannon really is an anti-semite and so he wrote his article in which he explains what people should really think about Bannon.

Krieger: “As such, I think the verdict is clear. Steve Bannon is not anti-Semetic.”

Well well, look there. We have a real Sherlock popping up out of nowhere, just like that.

Clearly Krieger was not yet aware a few days ago that there is a major war being waged in alt media land that has only one purpose, one goal. The co-opting of the entire activist movement or the missing liberty movement if you will.

So, in a way, it is understandable that Krieger projects his doubts and confusion onto his audience. But by doing so he is (unknowingly?) being used as that useful unit (idiot), unfortunately for him. With his article he actually advances the co-opting agenda and the longer and the more we see limited hangout works like this the remaining group of activists that stand on the side of truth becomes smaller and smaller.

It’s like a black hole basically, absorbing one unit after another. Don’t be a unit Krieger! Don’t let them own you.

I hope you are a sincere activist and journalist who truly wants the truth to be victorious. You can still turn your very understandable mistake around, and along with the rest of us, learn from the mistakes made.


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