George Soros was “Taken Out”: The Co-Opting is Literally in Overdrive


It is no coincidence that I am focusing on the co-opting right now and in the last couple of days. I saw this coming from miles away.

The latest wild goose chase is about Soros being taken out, as in assassinated. Now, given the source this tidbit comes from one should be extremely cautious because Fulford is on par with Sorcha Faal. Disinfo at its finest!

Oddly, the story is already being reposted on several “truther” sites as if any of this is actually true.

There is no reason AT ALL to cover up Soros his death if he was indeed assassinated. On the contrary, an event such as that would give the incrementalists a lot of meat to work with to further violate our dignity and freedom. Even if the assassination was carried out by “white hats” the story would certainly swiftly transform into:

“Lone White Supremacist Brutally Executed Highly Respected Philanthropist Mr George Soros – World Shocked, Mourns Godfather of Peace and Human Rights”


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