ALERT: Masses of Alternative Media Activists Have Successfully Been Co-Opted, Here’s the PROOF

News Smarts: Steve Bannon (Trump’s Senior Strategist) Is a Proud Zionist – Link

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Update 1: Don’t get caught up in the ruse that Facebook and Google are cracking down on the alternative media. It is simply part of the co-opting campaign as described in this report below. Bank on it! It is the same sect doing this, that should be easy to see for anyone with a single brain cell.

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Truth Stream Media: What Happened to the Liberty Movement?

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You thought it was bad already? Think again.

The following information has finally convinced me to deem Trump an enemy of the free world, no more ifs or buts (Hillary Clinton was already marked as such, don’t worry).

Even with the initial appointment of Steve Bannon (Breitbart) as Trump’s senior strategist it didn’t strike me yet what had actually been unfolding during the past 19-some months.

As the Breitbart website gained traction during the US presidential campaigns and more and more alternative media audiences were funneled into the same trap that also Breitbart was funneling into it became obvious that a major and highly weaponized co-opting campaign had been let loose on the public, internationally.

Now the zionist website Forward (un)willingly confirms that indeed the wild speculations were right and justified all along, that a Trump administration would actually mean more zionist manipulations and imperialism than one can possibly imagine. Way more than what the world would have been subjected to had Hillary Clinton won, and that says a lot. My god!

As Infowars had earlier started with co-opting its readers, followers and fans into rallying against “muslim terrorism”, THE zionist catchphrase, through false ISIS video threats and false ISIS training camp reports in Mexico for instance (just to name a few examples of the MO) so was Breitbart almost identically used to pick up there where Infowars had not delivered enough results and had not funneled enough useful units (idiots) into submission to the zionist agenda.

Breitbart deceptively became known as the notorious right-wing extremist hangout for Trump supporters, and (alleged) white supremacists, who all too eagerly wanted to oppose “the jews” with their alleged anti-semitic slurs. Even the ADL was sent out to help craft and establish the reputation of Breitbart and co. and also Alex Jones was in the same effort called an anti-semite often enough in the press to make alert activists and anti-units doubt about their own beliefs and works.

But now it has become crystal clear what the big con game was all along, and fortunately I have not fallen into the trap and for those who have I hope this information can bring you back to the side of good and truth.

Knowing that both Breitbart and Infowars are among the biggest brands in the alt media landscape (the truth is not reflected in website traffic!) today, it is a fact that these venues have successfully been weaponized and deployed, and continue to be used in this way, to co-opt hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in favor of the zionist world dominance and war agenda. Even Stormfronters and Daily Stormers have largely been duped into supporting Trump and that tells you something about the smoothness, slickness and perversion of this well-funded zionist co-opting campaign.

People had better been paying more attention to folks like Morris and American Everyman instead. Like I said, loads of website traffic does not mean a site is truthful or can be trusted. This information proves that beyond all doubts.

Consider the following litmus test from now on because we are in for a hellish ride unlike we have NEVER seen before. We seriously have to regroup and we must do this far away from public forums online if we actually want to have a chance to survive this.

Now that the dots have been connected here on my site and on others their websites there can no longer exist any excuse for any activist or alt media ally or operative out there to continue supporting a Trump administration, to continue publishing favorable articles and reports for that coming zionist administration.

We have to be drastic with this measure, this litmus test. No ifs or buts, no exceptions. Those alt media websites, venues and personalities that are favorable to Trump and his outfit in any way or to any extent are compromised. PERIOD! No ifs or buts, no exceptions.

I’ve waited long enough to publish my final stance and I hope others out there are willing to do the same, to apply the litmus test now too, to themselves and to the entire media spectrum basically.

We simply cannot afford to lose any more grounds at this point, the line in the sand has to be drawn and right now, right here.

If we fail to inform loads of good and honest activists about this, who may or may not have already been duped by this co-opting, then we will fail ourselves and will fail to uphold and defend our self-respect.

It is suggested that a list of alternative websites is created ASAP of who are favorable to the Trump machine, in order to help see the (duped) targets and fellow activists out there what is going on and what to be careful for. Or better yet, just a list of those who have been found to be on the side of truth, a much shorter list and less work required.

this latest co-opting campaign is, like I said earlier, highly weaponized. Expect a lot of new enemies when you are serious about putting your weight behind this call for help and rescue mission.

It doesn’t look good at all at this moment in time and if we fail, all bets are off!


9 thoughts on “ALERT: Masses of Alternative Media Activists Have Successfully Been Co-Opted, Here’s the PROOF

  1. You are spot on. I really wish I knew how to make progress toward resolving these issues. I think Infowars has had, and continues to have a dramatic negative effect on the truther/activist/patriot/whatever community. That audience has nearly taken over /r/conspiracy and Israel and (neo rothschild) Zionists seem to be seldomly discussed.

    Can you recommend any other communities? The only other place I am aware of is I also really like the YouTube channel that my username links to.

  2. So, what is the litmus test again? What exactly are you saying without saying? That the U.S. of A. is a zionist colony? Vice versa, perhaps? Yes, we know. Just look at all the dual citizenship our government enjoys. Have I got it right? Saying without saying?

    I, for one, don’t mind saying it out loud. But maybe you’re in Canada, or Europe, (They’re working on the US.) in which case it might be against the law to speak out loud. Maybe I missed something, though, in your screed. Would you spell it out for me?

    • It is clearly explained what I personally see as a litmus test, if you have your own, great, and I hope it brings results for you and I would appreciate it to learn more about it too.

      There’s nothing I haven’t said or have hidden that I wanted to say. I think I know though what you are hinting at… the JEW thing, am I right? I don’t see how we can rightfully generalize and mark all the jews as enemies of the free world. Many jews are enemies and dupes themselves of the zionist sectarians.

      • If you had clearly explained it to me, I wouldn’t have asked. The fact that you take a tone with me, though, adding words to what I say, really says enough. Then, the fact that you mock what you think are my thoughts and add words to what I actually say, says more than enough.

        My questions are sincere and meant no harm. This is the first time I’ve ever visited your site.

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