US Civil War Will Spark Next World War

US civil war, Tommy M. Bargo

Somehow, during the past century, the US government has managed to, forcefully, link the world to practically all facets of its own homeland’s lifelines ranging from their economic, financial and banking systems to their intelligence apparatus and their military complex.

By ways of deception, fear mongering and old-fashioned extortion, brigandage, murder and war all consecutive US administrations, after JFK, have aided knowingly and willingly – and, admitted, on several occasions as hostages of sectarian groups themselves – in the crafting of a super-imposing and super-intrusive modern empire that has been having the ability for decades now to disable and fracture the global economy and sovereign nations individually and permanently.

For decades the US government has extensively been cultivating the breeding grounds for civil unrest in the country by means of divide-and-conquer strategies and techniques, which has been well-documented on the internet and by suppressed and marginalized printed publications.

It are exactly those domestic breeding grounds that the next US administrations, including the H. Clinton or D. Trump administration, will eagerly harvest from once the final details of the globalist agenda have been addressed once and for all.

That harvesting will manifest itself through, at first, a plague of wildly spreading civil unrest events and eventually through civil war nationwide. Likely, as it has been in the past, most of the civil war mayhem will occur through controlled (staged) events perpetrated by US government insiders, officials and their patsies and by external sectarian parasites that are already sitting nervously on the the edge of their seats – drooling as they await the nation’s unavoidable collapse.

It is that collapse and the steered and nurtured fear thereof that will pull most of the western and the westernized countries off the cliff as well.

When the US Federal Reserve is in state of lawlessness, as it will be during civil war, then that will be reflected in the EU it’s local central banks too, and fast. Likely within no more than 48 hours.

As US financial markets are drained from the actual cash and value that they now still hold (allegedly), European, Asian and African counterparts will obviously get drained as well.

Simply imagine yourselves in the middle of a tenfold of what happened during the 2007-2008 global crash heist and in the aftermath thereof, up until this very day. How will any QEs and austerity measures fix that? Clearly they won’t be sufficient by any means and orders. Hence the US civil war bleeding into the rest of the western(-ized) countries – by design.

It is obvious that populations will put their own interest first, on any level, neighboring countries and overseas partners be damned.

A worldwide conflict, steered into a world government solution is all that will be left. Each country’s population for its own… but all together towards a worldwide dictatorship. Useful idiotism on the institutional and governmental level.


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