Remember Fukushima 2011?

Of all the sources in the world it is TEPCO itself that still provides the evidence for one of the most crucial facts of the 3/11 conspiracy. The following is the press release that is still on the TEPCO website.

Press Release (Mar 12,2011) Impact to TEPCO’s Facilities due to Miyagiken-Oki Earthquake (as of 3PM)

Below is major impact to TEPCO’s facilities due to the Miyagiken-Oki Earthquake that occurred yesterday at 2:46PM.” – Link to that TEPCO press release on their own website

“Miyagiken-Oki Earthquake” obviously refers to THE earthquake of that day, the one that occurred in the Miyagi prefecture. The same one that therefore could have never triggered the “natural” tsunami disaster.

In the map below, used by the Japanese government themselves, the red indicates the epicenter of the quake, ON LAND, NOT IN THE SEA.

The time stamp, 2.46 pm, for the Miyagi quake is a perfect match for what would later falsely become the Tōhoku earthquake.

Fukushima, Miyagi prefecture, Miyagiken-oki Earthquake, Tommy M. Bargo

On the very day of the events, March 11, 2011, this is what TEPCO wrote in one of their initial public statements:

“Today at 2:46PM, turbines and reactors of Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station Units 1 to 4 (Boiling Water Reactor, rated output 1,100 Megawatts) that had been operating at rated power automatically shutdown due to the Miyagiken-oki Earthquake.”

Find out who has the power in this world to disrupt and alter news and reporting and you’ll be as close as you need to be to understand who is responsible for the deliberate killing of Japanese citizens on March 11 of 2011.


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